Thursday, August 13, 2009

Landscapers: We'll Insure Everything but the Plants

I insure several local landscaping companies, and I always talk to them about Installation Floaters. These policies cover materials that are transported to and installed at the jobsite.

On larger jobs, some of these materials are stored at the site for a day or two, waiting for their chance to be permanently installed. During that time, the materials may be stolen, vandalized or just blown away by one of our hazy day windstorms. When this happens, the landscaper is responsible for replacing this material. Installation Floaters will cover this material cost.

BUT, I recently discovered an Installation Floater with the following caveat:

The following types of property are not covered:
Trees, shrubs, and plants - "We" do not cover trees, shrubs, plants or lawns.
If you store a significant amount of plant material at a jobsite, your Installation Floater may not cover it. Check your policy exclusions to make sure your plant material will be replaced if it's ever "gone with the wind."

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