Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Insurance Discounts for Green Features in your Home

As Green awareness spreads, I've found that many insurance carriers have been slow to respond. Over the past year, I have surveyed several of the carriers that I represent to see if they offer any customized coverages for Green homes or buildings. Several have developed endorsements; but some have yet to join the party.

Southern Insurance Company (a member of the Donegal Insurance Group) is one of the Green leaders on the Personal Insurance side.  They offer a 5% Solar Energy discount and a 5% Geothermal Heat Pump discount for Homeowners who have this equipment.  I was surprised to find that many larger carriers do not offer such discounts.

Click here for Southern's announcement about the new credits for Virginia policyholders.  Southern offers these credits for policyholders in other states as well.  For more details, ask your agent.

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