Monday, April 18, 2011

River overflows banks at Washington Harbor - Washington Times

River overflows banks at Washington Harbor - Washington Times

The water rose and seeped into the restaurants lining Washington Harbor. The Washington Times article in the above link indicates that a flood wall was not raised in time to stop the water from flowing in. These restaurants will have to close to dry out and restock. They are going to lose thousands of dollars in revenue as they will be closed just as the warm Spring evenings are arriving.

One might assume that a waterfront restaurant will have adequate Flood coverage. I certainly hope that these restaurants do. However, who was responsible for raising the flood wall? It's possible that the responsible party will be liable for the damages suffered by these businesses.

If it's the Property Management company at fault, then their Liability policy might be the primary responder. OR, the businesses may turn the claims into their Flood Insurance carriers, and those carriers MAY subrogate against the Liability policy of the responsible party.

This is an interesting case to the insurance nerd. I'll be watching.

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