Thursday, May 5, 2011

Enroll in Travelers IntelliDrive(TM) and Save 5% on your Auto policy

Concerned about what your Teens are doing out there on the road?  Wish you could be with them at every milepost?  Want to save some $ on your Auto policy? 

Travelers may have an answer for you.  Read on and contact me if you have any questions.

Introduce Travelers IntelliDriveTM and Save Customers 5% Today!
How does IntelliDrive work?

IntelliDrive uses a small device that installs easily into a vehicle. This device, along with GPS & GSM technology collects the vehicle's mileage, fuel efficiency, speed and location information, all which can be accessed through the secure IntelliDrive portal.

IntelliDrive is a great option for customers who…
  • Are looking for savings on their auto insurance;
  • Want peace of mind on how their children are driving; or
  • Don't drive as much as they used to.
Simply by signing up with IntelliDrive, customers get an immediate 5% discount on their auto insurance. Low mileage drivers may be eligible for an additional discount at renewal – up to 20%.

Plus, it may be an important ally for parents of Teen drivers:

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, auto accidents are the leading cause of death among teens age 15 – 20, as teens are more likely to engage in risky behaviors like speeding or overestimating their driving abilities.*
IntelliDrive may be able to help.

Through the IntelliDrive online portal, parents can find tools to help teens take accountability of their actions behind the wheel.

With IntelliDrive, parents have the ability to:

• Set up speed and location alerts

• Create an "electronic" driving boundary

• View driving trips through our easy to use maps

• Review speed and braking patterns

Click on the following link for more information:

*National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics found at 

Discounts are subject to underwriting eligibility and are taken at the vehicle level.

Please note that IntelliDrive applies to Quantum Auto policies only.


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