Monday, February 11, 2013

What's your PC?

PC, or Protection Class, is a major factor in the Property rate that you're paying for your Personal and Commercial insurance. ISO (or the Insurance Services Office) evaluates each community's ability to respond, communicate and extinguish fires as quickly as possible. Based on its evaluation, ISO assigns a PC of 1 through 10 based on the proximity of your address to that community.

If your address is within 5 miles of the nearest fire station, then your PC will be a lower number. If you are outside of the 5 mile radius, then your PC will be higher.

When it comes to PC, the higher the number = the higher the Property rate.

Also, you may be within the 5 mile radius, but your nearest fire station may not deliver enough water power to you to put out a major blaze. There are certain areas of Fairfax County, VA that fall into this category.

ISO recently announced that it reevaluated its PC classifications. You can find more information about that here:

Ask your Insurance Agent about your Protection Class and how it affects your rate. If a new fire station recently opened in your area, double check to see if you qualify for a lower PC. ISO can't see everything, and your local knowledge may help you to get a better insurance rate!

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